Receiving workers compensation for repetitive stress injury

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Workers’ compensation insurance is required for most employees in Rhode Island. It provides benefits for medical care and wage loss due to an injury that occurred at the workplace, such as a construction worker falling from a great height or an engine explosion that injures the mechanic working on it.

Those types of accidents and injuries are only part of the dangers that workers face. Some workers, although far from hazardous work conditions, are also at risk for injuries. Most workplace injuries actually develop over time as a result of minor, repetitive movements. These are called repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) and may develop as a result of actions that aren’t necessarily difficult, physically challenging, or harmful. The trouble is that, when the simple motion is repeated several times frequently over a particular period, the combined effect may take a serious toll on the worker’s health.

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RSIs can leave workers in considerable pain, and the pain may prevent them from performing even routine work tasks and even simple life functions such as moving an injured arm. This leads to a loss of productivity and may require medical attention and some rest to recover completely. Fortunately, recovery from the repetitive stress injuries are is covered under worker’s compensation system.

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