Rhode Island Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

By Ann Sheeley

At Sheeley Law, LLC, a firm based in Newport, Rhode Island, I specialize in the areas of personal injury, workers’ compensation, and criminal defense. As a results-driven criminal defense lawyer, I obtain the best possible outcomes for clients facing criminal indictments, including DUI, drug, theft, and probation charges. Through the Rhode Island Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (RIACDL), I work with other members of the criminal defense community to uphold justice and due process for clients who have been accused of crime, preserve the fair and proper administration of criminal justice, and ensure the integrity and expertise of our profession.

Founded by Richard Casperian, who served as Rhode Island’s Public Defender for nearly a decade before his death in 1997, RIACDL holds affiliation with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. As a state-based organization, RIACDL partners with the state’s Department of the Public Defender to support progressive legislative advocacy and promote continuing education events such as the organization’s annual ethics seminar. Moreover, RIACDL provides comprehensive materials for criminal defense lawyers in Rhode Island, including meetings and e-newsletters, subscriptions to leading professional publications, and the association’s active online network of legal professionals. As an organization committed to achieving the highest standards of practice in criminal defense law, RIACDL also awards two scholarships to the National Criminal Defense College each year.

A nonprofit corporation based in Macon, Georgia, the National Criminal Defense College presents regular seminars and the summer Trial Practice Institute to provide both theoretical and practical training in crucial topics in criminal defense. As a member of RIACDL, I work to ensure that my clients have all the information they need to protect themselves and their families. With 22 years of experience and a proven track record in criminal defense, I provide the compassion, toughness, and determination necessary to give my clients peace of mind.

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